Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Vaccine mandates are inherently racist

As of October 18, 2021 African-Americans are more likely to be impacted by Biden's racist vaccine mandates than whites are.

Not only are Blacks over-represented in Government funded jobs, but a larger percentage of the Black population is not "fully vaccinated", thus Blacks will be disproportionately impacted with job losses.

I am not a judge nor am I an attorney but I cannot see how Biden's Vaccine Mandate is compliant with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Isn't it interesting that uber-liberal Connecticut, New Mexico, Illinois, Colorado, California and Minnesota are so eager to disproportionately destroy Black jobs while those "backward states" of West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Idaho and Alaska will not be disproportionately destroying Black people's ladder to economic prosperity?

Florida has a very high ratio of unvaccinated Blacks to unvaccinated Whites but the Republican Governor is moving heaven and earth to NOT submit to the vaccine mandate.


  1. What makes you think blacks won't just get the jab in greater numbers than whites?
    Most of the people of color I have spoken to are all in favor of the jab. And fully support Biden.

    1. Regarding your second sentence:
      Anecdotal data has some weaknesses. For one thing, the people you know are often much like you. That is, employable.

      FWIIW, Affirmative Action is justified entirely on aggregate statistics exactly like the ones I posted.


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