Saturday, November 6, 2021

Hunting blind maintenance


The original panels of the hunting blinds at the lease were made from repurposed garage doors. The builder was dating a girl whose father sold and installed garage doors and automatic openers.

Naturally, the original doors were too heavy and replacing the door with lightweight metal ones padded the profit margin. The girl's dad was more than happy to let some redneck haul them off rather than have to pay a tipping fee at a landfill.

Thirty years additional years of weathering have not been kind to them. The pictures are of the GOOD sides.

We replaced the back with sheet metal.

My hope was that the foam would expand through the mesh and be reinforced by it. That didn't work out quite as planned.

The gaps on the end were covered with mesh and then we shot in expanding foam-in-a-can.

The other three sides will be addressed next spring.


  1. I gave thought to putting this with the fiction post. There is however the possibility that it fits better here. It has been 4ish months since our government came out and said,"Oh yeah, those ufo thingies are real." Now I have been following the "bread crumbs" that the former head of the agency in charge of the wtf is going on department Luis Elizondo. This guy is under NDA's and apparently can't just come out and say everything but what he has said is a bit mind boggling. In a brief nutshell these things could be one(or more) of a number of things except current human activity. These range from what we would actually call aliens to inter dimensional beings, time traveling humans,creatures that have been on earth longer than humans have been, to things approaching the supernatural(as determined by our ancient ancestors) to include religion and forces of good and evil. My problem(one of them anyway)is that almost no one is paying any attention. In the past four months, how many people have you discussed this with for even two minutes? If we aren't alone as the government suggests( and they've never lied to us before)then this information has to rank pretty darn high on the list of most important facts in human existence. And so I come for answers from people smarter than I am. We have been conditioned for decades to think that anyone that considers these questions isn't very tightly wrapped. Now they are saying"We wanted you to think these people were crazy, but NOW...

  2. This has got me reminiscing about deer blinds built with my BIL in years past. He's passed on and the farms been sold. In truth, I enjoyed the building of the blinds, clearing lanes and hanging around with my BIL's more than the actual harvesting of deer though hanging up a decent sized deer had its own reward.


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