Friday, June 9, 2017

Why a tractor is better than a Lexus

Picture of Big D (in the tractor), Kubota and a bud before school.
Last day of school.  Everybody who has a tractor drives it to school.  It is a country thing.

Tractors are better than a Lexus because:
  • A new tractor costs more than a Lexus
  • The tractor will still be on the road thirty years from now.  The Lexus will be scrapped out in half that time.
  • A tractor puts money into your pocket instead of taking it out.
  • A young men on a tractor is perceived as honest and hardworking.  A young men driving a Lexus is perceived as vain and still sucking at his parent's wallet.
  • You can drive a tractor through three feet of snow.
  • You can go mud bogging in a tractor...and not need a tow truck to get out.
  • There are more places to mount American Flags on a tractor
  • Girls like tractors, especially when they are lugging at low RPM
Later that day...
Small towns.  I love them.

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