Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jewish activists support Sharia law

From ZeroHedge

Police departments across America are bracing for another wave of leftist-inspired violence as protesters gather in 28 cities in 19 states on Saturday for the national "March Against Sharia," the Associated Press reported.

In New York City...Across the street, separated by police barricades and a few dozen police, a few hundred mostly young people, including labor activists and Jewish and Muslim activists...

I think this is a misuse of the Jewish brand/trademark.  How is it possible to be Jewish and to support Sharia law?
This is the face of Sharia law.  "Honor" killings and burning women's faces with acid are OK under Sharia law.
Many of the counter-protesters (pro-Sharia) were women.
 Do they know what the Koran says about women and their rights?

How ISIS executes Sharia law's disapproval of gay people.
And the gay community was well represented with this neatly hand-lettered, spontaneous outburst of support for Sharia law.
This will be filed in "You cannot make this stuff up."


  1. Truth is stranger than fiction. I can't remember who said that but they were right.


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