Wednesday, June 28, 2017

1550 Growing Degree Days

I apologize for the late blog post today.  I had some targets of opportunity pop up that I could not resist.

I took Kubota and his buddies, Tycoon and Shredder, to Lake Michigan.  On the way there we stopped at Bob's Gun Shop in Hastings, Michigan and monkey-pawed some very fine firearms.

The weather was cool and misty.  The red flag was out due to the surf.

The surf was heavy enough to dislodge seaweed and wash lures up onto the beach.  I found two that looked like this one.  These are $6 lures any day of the week.
I forgot the pan for the hotdogs.  List...I gotta start making lists

The guys were very forgiving.  They said that they had a great time.

Timothy, the grass species, is pollinating.

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