Monday, June 5, 2017

Belladonna took me fishing last night

Bella made me move this girl off the road.  She felt rather protective toward it after I told Bella she was probably looking for a place to lay her eggs.

Belladonna dragged me out of the house and took me fishing.

We swung by a "Big-box" store to pick up licenses.  We waited 40 minutes and it took Bella four trips to the front office before anybody showed up at sporting goods to take our money and print off the licenses.  They either had a lot of people call in sick or the manager was trying to be a hero and run the store with no people.

We got to our fishing hole about 6:00 PM.  Fishing started out slow.

Belladonna caught a painted turtle.

Bella stood too long in one place and sunk into the marl.  She almost lost her crocs.

The funniest moment of the evening was when I passed gas and every bullfrog within 300 yards answered back.  It went from a dead silence to 76 tubas competing for loudness.

The magic combination turned out to be the cane pole, a short-shanked #6 hook and 1/4 of a night crawler.  Bella was getting lots of bites but not many hook-ups because she was completely burying the hook in the worm.  She did better when she was not as generous.

Absolutely no action on the catfish rod.  I have a bunch of chicken hearts and gizzards to refrigerate.

We ended up with seven keepers.  I filleted them and will serve them to Mom and Dad on Friday.

It was not a very eventful evening but it was deeply satisfying.

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