Thursday, June 15, 2017

Beetles, rutabagas, starters, carburetors and beer cups

Today did not have a coherent theme.

Onondaga wanted to look at some used, VW Beetles for sale.  He wanted to look at this Super Beetle again and then he wanted to look at a '75 Beetle on Mills Highway.

Mrs ERJ and I planted rutabagas.  Something ate my new strawberry plants.  About 20% are still alive.  I tilled up the gaps and we planted the rutabagas there.

Onondaga gave me an assignment:  He recently picked up another lawn mower...I think it is his seventh...and needs a starter, a carburetor and new blades.  There is a reason why it was sitting beside the road with the sign "FREE" on it.
The experiment with the beer cups proved that the cups are not tall enough to deter rabbits or woodchucks.  In fact, I think they rested their elbows on the cup while they munched.  There was some evidence that the cups helped early germination, probably because they conserved moisture.   Speculation is cheap.  Hard data is priceless.

I tried to put in an order at Ballistics Products Inc but their server would not accept my order.  I called customer support and she wanted to know what browser I was using.  I told her.  Apparently they have had problems with customers using Chrome.  Well, they can now add customers using Firefox to the list.  I wonder if their IT supplier is a Hoplophobe.

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  1. Good luck with all of those, and I'd be popping the 'Chucks with a suppressed .22 if it were me... :-)


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