Saturday, June 10, 2017

A visit to an estate auction

The least expensive firearm on this table went for $45.  The most expensive was a Mauser G98/40 which went north of $1100.
Prices are back to where they were at the end of the Bush II years.  Single-shot shotguns were $50 each.  The cheapest Ithaca 37 went for $300 (no, I did not buy one).  Marlin 60s went for $175 and most military, bolt action rifles went for about $200.

They had ammo

They added more after I took this photo.

Belladonna named her dog "Hercules".   Now she is guarded by the team of Hercules & Hercules.  Really, the last thing I need is another caliber to reload.  This is my first 16 gauge.  At least the wood is pretty enough to keep it as a wall hanger even if it never fires a shot.
If I scoot this band cut from a bicycle inner tube forward a little bit, I can claim it has an ebony (colored) cap on the forearm.

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