Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maximilian sunflower seedlings

Maximilian Sunflower seedlings

They were a little bit smaller on May 2.  Post HERE
These roots are part of the reason that this species can handle drought.

60 seedlings.  Armored.  I will move them in the fall.
Shallot seedlings just to try something different.

It takes me about 25 minutes to weed a 65' row of potatoes.  They are much faster to weed when they are all the same size and spacing.
Daylilies.  A scattered plant here-and-there has been blooming over the past week.  This is the first clump where MOST of the plants are blooming.  I am going to call 1425 GDD (B42) the start of daylily blooming.
Plums hiding in a red-leafed plum tree.

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