Monday, June 12, 2017

This and that

The air conditioning stopped working yesterday about noon.

SWMBO suggested that it would be desirable to get it running.

The problem was on the controls side.  It is running now but I am not 100% sure what fixed it.  I thought I had it running several times.  "Watch this!" and then nothing happened.

The last "fix" was to tighten all of the screws in the bus bar beneath the furnace.  I chased the intermittent low voltage (15V instead of 24V) all the way from the compressor which is outside to the furnace.

I lost a little bit of street cred with the false hopes but everything is good now that we have 58 degree Fahrenheit air pouring out of the vents.

Garden update
The support for the pole beans is up.  That is the green snow fence.  The cucumbers and melons are planted and the livestock panels are up to support them.   I planted Tasty Jade and Eureka cucumbers, Sarah's Choice cantaloupe and a Japanese watermelon called Hime Kasen that is reputed to have up to 13% sugar.  That is, it is very sweet.

Those woodchucks leave mighty big tracks!  Actually, the Captain's cattle got out and walked through the garden.  One heifer can eat a lot of newly sprouted green beans.

Some Bur Oak seedlings sprouting up in the tree nursery.

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