Sunday, June 11, 2017

Two is one, and one is none...

"Two is one, and one is none" a saying among those who prepare.

That would seem to be the case with vehicles.

Normally we have three working vehicles.  As of 12:30 AM last night we are down to one.

Mrs ERJ's minivan has been in various shops since last Monday.  We still hope for a happy ending.  That story will not be told until it has a definite ending.

The Malibu that Belladonna died today at thirty minutes after midnight.  The good news is that she was able to coast to within 130 yards of our driveway.  The bad news is that every one of those 130 yards is an up-hill push.

I think Bella was stressed.  She was not her normal, sweet self.  As Mrs ERJ and I walked up to the vehicle (me having just been rolled out of bed) she rather tartly asked, "Why didn't you bring your tools?"

Her confidence in my Mr Fix-it capabilities is touching.

Sounds like timing chain.  The vehicle has gas (always the first thing to check.)  The sound of the engine being turned over by the starter has a syncopated (i.e., funny) sound.  

According to the Internet that will cost between $500 and $700 to get fixed.  And no, that is not something I would be able to fix at 12:30 a.m., lying on my back with a handful of wrenches and a screw driver.

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