Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Forty year class reunion

Polyester leisure suits.  Synthetics are making a comeback.  They dry quickly and are "sporty".
My forty year class reunion is coming up.

I went to my five year reunion.  I missed all of the rest.
Platform shoes.  Does anybody remember platform shoes?
I am leaning toward going to this one.  Part of what is tipping me in that direction are the health issues two of my brothers experienced.

Carpe diem.

Do any of you readers want to weigh in with an opinion?


  1. Whenever I've gone to a reunion, I think it's going to be a drag, and forget how many people I was friends with in High School. I get there, and always have a better time than I had expected.

    Low expectations are a good thing, but I'd recommend going.

  2. Cost was the issue for us. Having moved 200+ miles away, an evening out includes a hotel stay. The value of redeeming old friendships ended up being worth the cost. And who knows what could spring from dozens of conversations over the course of the event?

  3. DO I remember platform shoes??? I still walk funny because I fell off mine during Prom "74" . I haven't the slightest clue as to how women dance in high heels !! I couldn't make it one night in platforms!

  4. HS or college? HS fights are more vivid than college spats.

  5. High School.

    You give me way too much credit. I only admit to remembering three fights in high school...but then I was a "good" kid.


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