Thursday, June 8, 2017

It is dry around here

We have only had 2" of rain since May 1.

The grass is turning brown.

Crop germination is spotty in places.  This field is on Bellevue Highway just east of Wilson Road.
This cherry tree was leaning over Walters Highway.  I cannot recall seeing ripe cherries this early.
I am watering the garden.  It takes me about 10 hours to lay one inch of water on.
Gratuitous pictures
I am not sure how clear this picture is.  The dead, brown shoots are primary buds that were killed by frost. The shoots emerging from the same place as the dead primaries are secondary shoots.  None of the secondary shoots have fruiting buds. The shoot on the extreme left is a primary bud that escaped the frost.
This is one of Kubota's buddies.  They are proud to fly the flag.  Guess they are not sensitive snowflakes.
And the pictures you do not get are from the barn sale Mr Pepper and I visited this morning.  They had a powder blue, 1956 Ford T-bird, a 1948 Austin Devon, countless motorcycles and full sets of English taps...maybe twenty in each size.  The couple became extremely agitated when I pulled out my camera and asked if I could take some pictures for my blog.

Later, Mr Pepper and I speculated that the couple was either fencing stolen goods (how else could you have 20 of each tap size?) or were evading taxes.  After all, the market for '56 T-birds and 70 year old English sedans is very thin.  Most people would have been delighted to to reach a broader audience in hopes of getting the asked-for price.

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