Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Marlette Series Loam

The Marlette series consists of well drained and moderately well drained , gently sloping to steep soils on till plains and moraines.  These soils formed in calcareous loam glacial till.

In a representative profile the surface layer is dark grayish brown loam about 9 inches thick.  The subsoil, about 29 inches thick is dark brown, firm clay loam.  The underlaying material, beginning at a depth of 38 inches, is carcareous brown loam.

Runoff is medium in less sloping areas and rapid and very rapid in the more steeply sloping areas.  Permeability is moderate or moderately slow, and available water capacity is high.

The less sloping areas of Marlette soils are well suited or moderately well suited to farming, and most of the area are covered with crops.  The more steeply sloping areas are poorly suited to farming, because of rapid runoff and erosion hazards.  Some of these areas are wooded or are in permanent pasture.   -Source (page 30-of-102)

Most of my property is 2%-to-6% (slope) Marlette loam.  Slope percentage is the number of feet of vertical change for every hundred feet of travel in the steepest direction.

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  1. At least you have dirt that will grow things... We have sand and mesquite... Which we DON'T want... Sigh


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