Monday, June 19, 2017

1350 Growing Degree Days (B42)

Elderberry are blooming.  You can see on this one plant that it does not all bloom at the same time.
Cucumbers are up.

Melons are up.

Pumpkins starting to germinate.  You can see fogging of the lens on the left side of the photo.

Rutabagas are coming up.
We had a half inch of rain Saturday night.  It was good to see puddles in the driveway on Sunday morning.
I went to a flea market on the North side of Lansing.  This fellow had ammunition, including some .303 British.

I asked the lady if she sold many of the purses in the foreground.  She admitted that she did...mostly to old geezers who wanted to be able to brag they were "still getting into girl's pants".  I think she was funning me.

Beautiful, old motors.

They appear to be "Neptune" motors from Muncie Gear Works.  Short history HERE
Most of the prices were as high, or higher than you could buy "new".  This is one place where it would be handy to have a smart phone for price confirmation.

One of the sellers had a van from a Self Storage facility.  Makes me wonder if they cherry-pick through the units that are in arrears before they auction them off for back-rent. 

The audience was OLD.  Most buyers and sellers were over sixty.  The kids don't have the hustle to sell stuff at flea markets.  The kids want to buy new.


  1. Yep, those are some nice old motors. Evinrudes? And ammo prices ARE coming down.

  2. I added a picture that is a zoom in of the first picture of the motors. The one with the brass flywheel is a Neptune Mighty Mite. I do not know what the other one is but it looks like an economy version of the same.


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