Friday, June 2, 2017


This is the approximate shape of my back yard. It is approximately 20,000 square feet.
There are many obstacles to mow around.
It took 64 minutes to mow it with a push mower.

The mower used about 20 ounces of gasoline (0.15 gallons or 0.6 liters).  I am curious to know how much a typical riding lawn mower uses when mowing a half acre.

My average travel speed was 3.6 feet per second (2.4 mph) which I consider a right, smart clip when pushing a lawn mower.  It was a beautiful day for mowing.  The temp was 80F.  The humidity was very low.  The clippings did not clog the mower.

Now it is time to walk the dogs around the pasture.

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