Tuesday, June 6, 2017

And now there are two

Scratch one green bean eating varmint.
It is easy to see how the Boston Terrier gets torn up when he chases these critters down their holes.  It is a good thing that the Boston Terrier can crawl backwards just as fast as he can crawl forward.
The next "set" is where a woodchuck crosses the road.  This is the trail on one side.

This is the trail on the other
A tuft of hair is circled in red where he pushes through the fence.  This fence is within six feet of the road.
This is the set with a 160 body grip trap.  It is lifted up on some sticks to better align the trap with the opening in the fence.  The 160 refers to the nominal opening size.  It is 160mm or about 6 1/2 inches, the perfect size for woodchucks, possum and small raccoons.  I keep an eagle eye on the Boston Terrier when I have one of these set on the property.

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