Sunday, June 18, 2017

What does the Bible say about fighting the Deep State?

One of the earliest and best documented accounts of an oppressed people fighting, and winning, against the Deep State can be found in Exodus 3:7-through-14.  It is the story of the enslaved Israelite people breaking free of the Egyptian State.

The first lesson is the lesson of persisting.  Ten plagues were visited upon the Pharaoh and the Egyptian people before the Pharaoh consented to their release.

The Deep State cannot be trusted
The Deep State keeps promises as long as it is convenient to keep them

The Deep State will double-down
Near the start of the Plague narrative, the Pharaoh increases the work-load of the Jewish slaves to punish them for daring to challenge them.  He did not strike at Moses, he struck at the most powerless.

Environmental disasters
Some modern ecologists suggest that the plagues were a cascading sequence of environmental disasters.  For example, up-stream flooding could have increased the iron in the Nile river water and resulted in a bloom of red algae identical to the toxic Red Tide.   Those floods and algae bloom could have, in turn, resulted in several of the other plagues occurring in due time.

As a Christian, I don't have any problem with this interpretation.  God made the rules that order the rising and setting of the sun, the movement of the clouds and so on.  Ultimately, whether you subscribe to direct, divine intervention or the cascading ecological disasters...God's hand guided both.  The fact is that Moses KNEW before the events.

Environmental disasters, continued
One estimate of the ash fall-out.  Eaton Rapids would get about a 1/4".  Denver would get between 4" and a foot.  Temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere would be reduced by 12C or 20F for as much as a decade.
It is not hard to envision environmental disasters that would result in the Deep State intensifying their game.
  • Two missed monsoons in a row would put Pakistan and India in a dire position.  Both have nuclear weapons.
  • A hundred year drought or flooding would wreak havoc in eastern China.
  • A massive seismic event in the Cascades or the Yellowstone super-cauldera  would have massive consequences.
  • An EMP event over western Europe, eastern Asia or North America would throw us back to an 1880's existence most of us cannot imagine, much less be prepared for.
  • A pandemic seems ever more likely as the human biomass (and the biomass of our food animals) becomes the only restaurant in town for microbes.


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