Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More brush hauling

I expect it will take another twenty hours of work to get Salamander's orchard in a presentable state.

I worked another four hours Tuesday.  Oddly enough I did not touch a tool to an apple tree even though it is an apple (mostly) orchard and I am pruning trees.

From left to right, a scraggly Black Cherry half on the image, a Black Walnut (Kwik-crop...two lies for the price of one) and a Silver Maple.  In the foreground are three survey flags where new fruit trees will be planted and my 18", Poulan chainsaw.

The Silver Maple gobbles up enough light, water an nutrients for three fruit trees.  It must go.

Here it is de-limbed.

I am glad the tree was not any bigger than it was.

Do you know how to make a grown man cry?

Tell him you use Black Walnut for fence posts.

Between dragging brush to where Salamander can drag it with his tractor and bucking up firewood and brush, I burned up another four hours.  I am a hurting puppy.

Black Walnuts
Most fruit trees do poorly when planted near Black Walnut trees.

My plan is to plant three persimmon trees where the surveyor flags are.  I have about 10 grafted H-120 persimmon trees in the nursery.  Two of them will get moved.  I will move an ungrafted seedling for the third tree and attempt to graft it to Szukis.

That is the plan for tomorrow.

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