Sunday, March 26, 2017


I was planting violets in the orchard today.  This clone is Viola odorata
A handful of the clump.  Hand included in photo to give a sense of scale regarding root length.
This is  about one handful of a clump after washing out most of the dirt.
Same handful broken into plantlets.
Clone two.  Assumed to be V. sororiaNothing special about this violet except it can grow in sand and shade at the same time.  The flowers have no fragrance.
The roots are much less impressive than the V. odorata, but perhaps that can be expected when growing on the north side of a building.  The card is 6" by 4".
Clone three.  This has flowers that are blue-and-gray flowers so it is probable V. sororia priceana.  This clone is growing in heavy shade beneath an apple tree that was planted to attract deer.  Like clone two, the flowers have no fragrance.
It has fewer roots and they are shorter than the other V. sororia clone.  Between the three clones I planted about sixty starts.

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