Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sid's Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Rain and sleet projected for the entire day.  Attendance at coffee was good.

Sid came in from Onondaga.  He had something in his button hole.

A simulation of Sid's button hole decoration.  His was more faded.
It was a faded, red twist tie.

"Sid, what is that?"

"Well, Joe, that is my Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon."

"Sid, that ain't no ribbon.  That is a twist-tie."

"What's the difference?" Sid asked.

"A twist-tie has a wire." I replied.

Sid thought a second and then said.  "This is my way of showing special solidarity with women who have to wear under-wire bras.  Those breasts need love, too."

I think I was played.

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