Friday, March 31, 2017

Fake News Friday, Second Installment

Mexico's Exclusive Economic Zone shown in light green.

Once more the Trump administration has taken to task for hypocritically continuing Obama's policies even though Trump vigorously campaigned against those policies.  The policy in question is the repatriation of Foreign Nationals who commit felonies in the United States.

Sometimes, those Foreign Nationals have been deported multiple times and come back to the United States to commit yet more crime.

Sean Spicer, Trump administration spokesperson defended the continuation of the policy.  Mr Spicer claims that it has been "tweaked" so it operates in a more cost effective manner than the previous administration.  The paperwork has been streamlined by processing all felony repatriations through Miami, Florida.  Furthermore, the Foreign National is only transported as far as the originating nation's Exclusive Economic Zone and immediately deplaned to minimize miles flown.

Charter fishermen report increased catches of certain pelagic species of sports fish.
None of the Foreign Nationals who have been out-processed using the new procedures has returned to the United States.

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