Thursday, March 16, 2017

Uber: GCS

Belladonna went to Chicago last weekend.

She went with a friend and a friend-of-the-friend.

They used Uber to move them around town.  The weather was cold.  The Uber drivers knew where they were going.  To simplify things, Bella paid for the Uber driver with her credit card and the other girls picked up restaurant meals/admission tickets on theirs.

Everything was spiffy until the friend-of-the-friend puked inside the Uber vehicle.

Bella got hit with an $80 cleaning fee.  The $80 was quite reasonable considering that the driver could not pick up fares until the mess was cleaned up and the stink went away.

The problem was that the friend-of-a-friend stopped answering texts and clearly has no intention of paying the $80 fee.

Belladonna called Uber Customer Service and explained her problem.  She understood that she would probably have to pay the $80 because she is an adult.  She called them to give them a chance to "step up" and impress her.

They did.

Uber Customer Service said, "We understand.  Chicago is a tourist town.  Lots of people use Uber in tourist towns.  Things like that happen.  We will eat the $80 fee.  Say something good about using Uber when you get the chance.  And thanks for choosing Uber."

Belladonna said something good about Uber (to me).  I am using my blog to echo that message.

Uber:  Great Customer Service.

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