Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A thought for Ash Wednesday

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Ash Wednesday is hard for me.

I love to eat and "fasting" is a traditional part of Lenten preparation for some Christians

One question Christians seldom address well is, "Why fast?"

It IS all about me
They ask, "God has everything (by definition).  How does your fasting help Him?"

They are absolutely right.  It is not about helping God.  It is all about me, getting me closer to the person God designed me to be (i.e., ...made in the image and likeness of God)

If you look at this blog's header you will see a quote from First Thessalonians.  Part of that quote reads, "Pray always."  I will tell you right now.  I fail.

But what if I practiced praying every time I felt discomfort.  And what if I carefully ordered my day so that I was guaranteed I would feel that discomfort on a regular basis.  Hunger, what about hunger?  It will not incapacitate me like cutting off finger joints would.  It comes in waves so a person who is fasting will have many, many repetitions of discomfort --> Pray.

Neurons that fire together wire together.

So what?
Have you ever heard of "The dead man's ten seconds?"

A person who suffers a catastrophic loss of blood pressure (severed carotid artery or ruptured aortic aneurysm) has enough oxygen stored in his brain cells for ten seconds of lucid thought and motor activity.

If that were you, would you be praying?  Or would you be doing things that are not going to matter when you leave this room and move to the next?

In circumstances that are less dire, would you be praying (and staying calm) during that ambulance ride or would you be freaking out...and diminishing your chances of survival.

In times of stress, will you automatically pray for peace, strength and guidance or will you go catatonic or fly into a rage...neither of which are likely to increase your prospects.
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The team plays on game day the way they practiced all week.

How are you going to play on "game day"?

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