Thursday, March 9, 2017

Treasures in the Orchard

I had some help today.

We had high winds yesterday.  Windblown trash broke many of the little trees in the nursery.
Thorn bushes make the job a little bit less pleasant.
Never mind.  Belladonna has the dirt flying.
Planting trees was the fun part of the day.  Here are two of the three that Bella planted.  She is practicing her "Champion!!!" pose because I told her to ham it up for my readers.
Bella is mighty handy when it comes to dragging brush.  We got more done in an hour-and-a-half than I can get done in three.
We also cleared low hanging branches so Salamander can tool around in his tractor without getting swatted.  Bella works her butt off and smiles the whole time.
Sometimes hands get dirty when working.  It is good dirt.
Other treasures
There is no telling what you will find in an old orchard.  Somebody laid these down in the grass and never picked them up.  I bet they had 24", wooden handles when they were laid down.

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