Wednesday, March 22, 2017


First the good news:  
My brother is out of surgery.  He was on the table for ten hours.  Adjacent organs and lymph nodes had lesions.  They biopsied the lesions in real-time (!) and they were benign. 

The tumor had attached to a nearby blood vessel, which was not expected.  They did whatever they did, dumped in two bottles of with any color antifreeze and called it GTG.

He is off the table and is recovering.

The bad news:
I did not get to spend the day out in the woods.

The dishwasher stopped working.

This unit tested out bad.  It is a thermal fuse and is supposed to have zero resistance.  It pegged my meter, that is, open circuit.

The part costs $23 and should be delivered by the brown truck of happiness on Saturday.  I ran the screws back into the holes and pushed the dishwasher back into the cubby.  I did not completely reassemble as I need to tear it back apart on Saturday.

That might not fix the dishwasher.  There is probably a reason the thermal fuse went and I did not address that.  I look at it as a $23 lottery ticket that might allow me to put off spending $400 for a few more years.

My day was still better than my brother's but it was not what I planned.


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  2. That thermal fuse is the manufacturer's way to sell most people a new dishwasher. They last for a planned amount of time . They gradually get weaker and weaker and then they blow. Some people take a short piece of #12 copper and two female spade connectors and make a jumper.(Not that I am recommending this). The new one will last its planned lifetime and then go out again. Good luck!!

  3. Thoughts and prayers for him and a quick recovery! Good luck with the fuse... sigh