Saturday, March 25, 2017

There might be a little dust on the bottle...

Not a picture of Mrs ERJ.  Image from Huffington Post
One of the things that I like about Mrs ERJ, heck, I LOVE about Mrs ERJ is that she likes hanging on to things that work.  She sees no need to "trade-up" when an old dishwasher, or minivan, or dog, or husband has served her faithfully.

She gives me atta-boys when I can make the dishwasher go a little longer or I fix the hose on the vacuum cleaner with Gorilla Glue and an old medicine bottle.

I was thinking about Mrs ERJ the last time I heard this song on the radio.  Country Music fans will recognize the title of that song as the title of this post.  When it comes to Mrs ERJ I don't think there is an "up" to trade to.

I suggest you give your sweetie a kiss if he/she has a little dust on the bottle.

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