Monday, January 23, 2023

Refresh my memory

Wasn't David Petraeus canned because he violated security protocols and he mishandled classified materials with respect to allowing his biographer Paula Broadwell to have access to said materials?

One newsie at the time characterized the breach as "Petraeus allowed Broadwell to touch the keyboard of his laptop". No, that is not in code or is it snarky punning. It was meant literally.

He was, at the time, Director of the CIA.


  1. Once again....lets repeat the lefts number one Mantra.
    "Rules are for thee, never for me." If the left does it it's
    not a problem. If anyone else does it's cause for a public

  2. I know, really! After all these years people STILL expect it to be different. I mean, different, without having to actually do something difficult to affect change.
    I want to bang on my keyboard and have life become better for me!!!
    Voat harder, too. I know, send a sternly worded letter to your (s)elected representative. That'll have them quaking in their louis vittton boots!


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