Sunday, January 29, 2023

Alabama for the win


Total fish diversity

Amphibian diversity

Number of freshwater mussels species

Tennessee and Mississippi get honorable mention.

Amphibians are considered good indicators of environmental health since their skin is very permeable and any toxins are easily absorbed through it.

Mussels (clams) are considered prime indicators of the health of a watershed because they cannot move out of the way of pollutants or low oxygen. They are also subject to toxins as they are filter feeders that sieve food out of the water near the bottom, subjecting them to chemicals that may be temporarily bound to silt particles.


  1. The Ohio Department of Wildlife and their cohorts from several other related departments come out to my river valley and go camping every year to do a survey of the river . From what they tell me the mussels and amphibians are doing well and of course the rich bois over in the gated guarded community east of us keep the river stocked with every fish you can imagine . We get Rainbow Trout regularly , heh .


    Though almost no one knows it, the most diverse forests and aquatic systems in the nation lie in Alabama. Described as America’s Amazon, Alabama has more species per square mile than any other state.

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