Monday, January 30, 2023

Possum Guts Soup

The outcry for the official ERJ recipe for Possum Gut soup has been deafening.

Apparently, I am not the only geezer who has city-folk visit.

-One medium size onion and two stalks of celery fried in whatever edible grease is handy.

-One pound ground meat. Brown in pan with onions and celery after onion chunks become translucent. This is when I added the all-purpose Taco Seasoning. I used a half tablespoon.

-One quart home-canned tomatoes

-One can chili beans.

-Once soup comes back to a boil, add "guts" made from a two-part flour to one-part water dough.  Knead dough or keep adding flour (or a bit of both) until the dough is not stick. Then roll dough into worms and drop into boiling soup. The worms will get larger as they cook and absorb juice.

The batch shown above used one cup of flour and half a cup of water. Frankly, it would have been prettier if I had used a cup-and-a-half of flour and 3/4 cup of water for the "guts".

As an artistic touch, throw in some bones from your last rotisserie chicken. It is hard to separate all the little bones from the road-kill after it has been run over multiple times, dontchya know.

Double-extra bonus points if you serve it in a bread shell that looks like an upside-down, juvenile armadillo.


  1. The proprietor of a well established restaurant in my community commented that for the first time in a couple years his bill from the farmer's market dropped. The owner goes himself to insure quality. Roger

  2. And ... we used to take visitors to our rural planned community that now has 40,000 residents back when it only had 1,200 via Crab Apple Lane. It featured a ford over a creek. We would swear it was the only access until after dinner. Not nearly as fun as Opossum Guts Stew but along the same vein of humor. Roger

  3. ROTFLMAO! That could be fun to pull on one of our suppers...

  4. Mebbe some artfully arranged bits of embedded asphalt w/ tar as a garnish ? Or is that reserved for Lent ? 8^)

  5. I think I will try that... I especially like the bonus points and added bonus points. I have several relatives that like to drop by unexpectedly, and this might be the perfect solution. It also looks tasty.

  6. I tried this recipe with a few modifications.

    In lieu of home-canned tomatoes I used a can of Rotel Tomatoes and Green Chilis - the mild variety, since Sweetie is not as tolerant of elevated heat.

    I doubled the taco seasoning.

    Turned out darned good for a quickie meal.

    Next time, I'm gonna doctor those possum guts - maybe at leas salt and pepper, maybe a bit of chili powder, and I'm thinking maybe Bisquick instead of flour.