Friday, November 29, 2019

Voting machines

A few tidbits from the Thanksgiving get together.

One of the twenty-somethings is working for a Democrat who will soon be facing re-election. It was her contention that Trump stole Michigan because many of the voting machines in Detroit failed to work. She laid that failure at the feet of the Republican Secretary of State.

She holds high hopes for 2020 because Detroit has new voting machines.

A little bit of research reveals that maintenance of voting machines belongs to the municipality or region, not the Secretary of State. The SoS does not rent space and store the machines. They send out "Reliability Tests" to ensure functionality but it is the region that executes the test, not 10,000 SoS employees.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Several problems with Michigan’s voting system were discovered after the November 2016 elections and the subsequent recount of the presidential race that was requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. In Detroit, a state audit showed that more than half of the precincts couldn’t be recounted for a variety of reasons, ranging from the number of ballots not equaling the number of voters who showed up at the polls, improperly sealed ballot boxes and poll books that couldn’t be balanced.

While there was some voting machine failure in Detroit, the Secretary of State said most of the problems were due to human error. New machines won’t help that, but the city and its precinct workers have been going through additional training since the audit was released in February.

One of the discrepancies was that 782 more votes were counted in Detroit than voters were signed into the process.


  1. Only 782 more voters than the number that signed in? That's just a rounding error!

  2. No real surprise... Kinda like the Philly precinct that had 104% of the population vote, and something like 150% of registered voters... sigh

  3. And the then Republican SoS did nothing to prosecute the malefactors in Wayne County. Ostensibly Democrats.

  4. I lived and worked much of my life in and around Detroit. It was often hard to separate the incompetence from the corruption. I worked for a state agency in Wayne county and had the pleasure of dealing with Detroit and Wayne county as well as a number of suburban government entities. It is beyond fixing.


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