Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Democrats looking for centrist as Biden tanks

The Democratic primaries are a dumpster fire.

It is with love in my heart that I propose a centrist (for a Democrat) candidate who is more photogenic, ethical and electable than Mrs Clinton.

Just sayin', it isn't too late to draft Maxine Waters.


  1. Okay, fine. But first she needs to come clean and admit that she stole her wig from James Brown. And they talk about Trump's weird hair...

  2. The plan from the beginning has always been that Sleepy Joe is a Trojan Horse candidate. They knew his unethical and probably illegal actions would eventually derail his campaign. The democratic leadership know that none of the already declared candidates has a prayer against Trump.

    They needed Joe to be the lightning rod for the Conservative media's accusations to draw attention to the developing Hillary 3.0 campaign activities. This way, they (MSM and Dem Strategists) have more time to dig up crap on Trump and his associates and activities.

    Expect the Hildabeast to declare either shortly after Thanksgiving or shortly after Christmas. Declaring just before both would reduce the amount of screen time her announcement would have due to the holiday activities. She will wait until after so the news cycle will be all hers.

    1. I suspect you are right. Her ego will not let her do the honorable thing. She is eaten up by the fact that Bill surpassed her accomplishments and she will not rest until she becomes president.

  3. I'm optimistic that a Hillary campaign will be a loser 3.0. Nobody galvanizes the opposition like Hillary. Voters pissed off about the way Trump has been treated, voters that hate Hillary and various other coalitions such as #WalkAway will band together to keep her out of office. And then go back to hating each other the next day!

  4. Well, bring it on! America has had 3½ years to listen to her Chardonnay-soaked, mu-mu-wearing rantings about how she was robbed. If they like her better now as a result, well... I'll just shake my head at my own profound misinterpretation. But I think she would herd every single Republican and Independent to pull the Trump lever, and probably a fair number of Democrats too.


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