Tuesday, November 12, 2019

...after midnight...

I was driving Kubota back from a doctor's appointment today.

Out-of-the-blue he told me his friend "Dee" got shot.

I asked "Is he OK?"

I was informed that Dee was dead.

Kubota shared details with very little tickling.

Dee and a buddy were in downtown Lansing, sometime after midnight.

A couple of women were arguing.

Dee and his friend attempted to separate the women.

Men affiliated with one of the women objected to Dee and friend butting-in.

One of the men "brandished".

Dee was packing.

The brandisher popped a shot off at Dee.
Dee returned fire and nicked the brandisher.

One of the brandisher's friends shot Dee nine times.

End of Dee's life on this valley of tears.

I could not tell how shook up Kubota was. He said Dee was a righteous dude. Dee has/had a daughter.

Nothing good happens after midnight "downtown".


  1. Not sure this website is legit but if it is, doesn't seem righteous.


    1. A agree. Sounds like Dee had a habit of making lousy choices.

      Kubota's story. He will dig in his heals if I show this info to him. I suspect that good, ole Dee would still be alive if he had been in bed at 11:59 (and stayed there) the night he died.

    2. Oh, and thanks for commenting! Good sleuthing.

  2. That's too bad. Sorry that Kubota lost a buddy. Lots of life lessons for Kubota in that brief story. Real life is a serious business - making good decisions makes it easier. Not easy, but easier.

  3. I hate news like this. A killing like this seems very senseless. This sounds like about 50% of the killings in Omaha - some sort of fight, followed by shots or retribution later on.

  4. As I have endeavored to teach my children, "Nothing good happens after midnight."

    Tell Kubota I'm sorry about Dee. It's a case that points to the truth of something I've been taught in nearly every self-defense course I've ever taken-stay out of situations where you don't have full knowledge. Call the cops and be a good witness.

  5. Mr. Wright appears to have been a felon with a gun. This guy sounds like he was a problem looking for a place to happen. Kubota needs better friends. Maybe a four year stint at one of Uncle Sam's camps for Misguided Children? Maybe a new career choice - 11B? This thing has inspired an Aesop-like rant for me, but that wouldn't do anybody any good. A question that you've probably already asked yourself - but what in the blazes is a young kid in his early twenties doing being friends with a "righteous dude" who is a 40 yr old drug dealing felon? It's a rhetorical question. Hopefully it's an entirely rhetorical problem.

    1. Many people have pointed out that Kubota would benefit from different friends.

  6. Sadly true, and a gun is NOT a magic talisman that keeps them safe.

  7. OMG. Kubota meeds to internalize that he is NOT bullet proof. Not sure how that lesson can get taught.

    I was pretty sure I was 9 feet tall and bullet resistant for a long time.

    God bless and I pray for you and your family.


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