Friday, November 22, 2019

Dianechia Fields is a hero

Dianechia Fields of Memphis, Tn was angry that Elizabeth Warren was throwing another generation of inner-city, blacks under-the-bus to court the votes of the unionized education industry.

Ms. Fields funded parents going to Atlanta and confronting Warren at one of her rallies.

Youtube stepped on all video related to this event so I have to direct you to a site that doesn't embed.

That points out one of Warren's weaknesses. Socialism is a system of "spoils". There are victors and there are victims. It is a zero-sum-game or worse.

The more complicated and convoluted the plan, the more victims

The distinction between "Socialists" and "Democratic Socialists" is clear.

Socialists rob Peter to pay Paul.

Democratic Socialists rob Peter to pay Paul while robbing Paul to pay Peter.


  1. "After Pressley shut down the protesters, the remainder of her rally went smoothly."


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