Monday, November 25, 2019

Plum cake

Recipe HERE
Plum cake is a central and eastern European dessert. Mostly, it is a matter of working with local materials. Certain types of plums grow well in central and eastern Europe.

It uses small, dry plums called Zwetsche or Quetsche or sometimes called German Prunes. Juicy plums would flood the cake with juice.

A couple of examples of Zwetsche plums are Pozegaca and Gras Romanesc.

Pozegaca is notable for being the plum-of-choice for slivovitz plum brandy, being cold hardy to zone 4 and blooming late, thereby avoiding late spring frosts.

Gras Romanesc is notable for having a very high sugar content and is originally from Romania.

I am on the verge of ordering one of these two trees because the pictures of the plum cakes look so delicious.

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  1. I might try one of each just to be safe, thanks for the tip.


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