Monday, November 4, 2019

Bad economics

Kubota has been looking for a new job.

He has a boatload of applications out.

To make a little bit of extra money, he and his buddy have been "scrapping".

That is where you burn $10 of your dad's gas to collect $15 worth of scrap steel.

Kubota and his friend occasionally stumble on a real steal. They found a working, ride-on lawn mower which he offered to me for a very attractive price.

Yesterday, Kubota ran a steel rod through his smart phone and killed it dead.

Add $95 to the $10 of gas. Still, I appreciate that he is trying to get ahead by working.

With a heavy sigh, I flipped my smartphone over to his phone number so those employers can reach him if they call.

In the meantime, I will use an old flip-phone that we sidelined for some, unremembered glitch.


  1. Ha - and I've been considering ditching the !@#$% smartphone and going back to a flip phone. You may never go back.

    1. Flip phones have awesome battery life and I can pull it out of my pocket while driving to answer a call without having to pull my eyes from the road.

      Belladonna shamed me into upgrading.

  2. Our local phone company now only sells smart phones so when my wife's flip phone went tango uniform we went across the street and bought a prepaid at&t flip phone. Her eyes are getting bad enough that she can't use the data feature anyway. Glad your kid is at least trying.

  3. Probably a lot cheaper to run a steel rod through a phone than through his leg!

  4. He understands that working hard will enable him to get ahead. That's something you can't teach him at his age - he either gets it or he doesn't. Good on him (and you and Mrs ERJ) for knowing that.


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