Thursday, November 28, 2019

Safe words

Thanksgiving dinner will be explosive in some families.

Arguing can be fun. It releases endorphins. The problem is that it can escalate and one of the participants can feel threatened.

One strategy is to have a "safe" word or phrase. If enough people know the safe word then they can distract the parties who are arguing or insert themselves between the two parties.

After considering and discarding various phrases: "Still your president", "Shiffer-brains" "I liked it better when you were a Non-Playing Character", I decided on the safer phrase, "I wanna look at the pumpkin pie". That gives me an excuse to leave the field of battle.

Your mileage may vary.


  1. We'll have to search for something to argue about - it's just The Mrs., The Boy, Pugsley, and me. That's what board games are for.

  2. Well chosen, amigo. Beats a quick draw competition.

    Mr Wilder, you've obviously never played "Monopoly" with the lovely-and-talented Bosslady or either of my offspring. The War of Jenkin's Ear was better mannered..

  3. Our holiday gatherings are no politics zones. Not because we have to declare it that way, but no one cares to waste the time we have together arguing. 5 games of pitch, some yahtzee and we relaxed by watching a dog show on TV. Thankful and blessed for the family and friends who are in my life.

  4. We were invited to dine at friends house, friends where we knew our politics were unwelcome- we are Trump supporters- so we avoided the political minefield altogether but our hosts got into an argument about football. Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys. We stayed out of it because 1) we were being on our best behavior, and 2) we only watch college football, not the NFL. Otherwise, a good time was had by all.


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