Saturday, November 2, 2019

To whine is to give away your power

What is it with people whining? They whine and complain and then brag about it as if it were a skill to be proud of?

Working in the private sector, you quickly figure out that to whine or complain is to give away your power. You are advertising that you don't have agency, that you are not competent enough to guide your own ship.

If you not competent enough to pilot your own ship, then why would ANYBODY trust you with their resources...and pay you for it?

I don't care if you are shoveling shit. You have agency. You can choose the shovel or fork best suited for the job. You can shovel from the side of the pile where it won't blow back into your face. You can set your pace...hopefully slow enough that you will not have to breath through your mouth.

There are worse jobs than shoveling shit.

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