Saturday, November 9, 2019

Not much to report

I moved the cattle water. I moved it from "out back" to where I can fill it with a hose. Because of the grade, the hose will naturally drain if I unscrew it in the middle. 

Anybody know the difference between a "pooch" and a "hose"? You can unscrew the hose.

I stay with mom and dad  tonight and will do all the usual elder-care things. Dad fell yesterday but landed on his dupa. Little harm done. We celebrated his 94th birthday last week.

I promised Mrs ERJ that I would eat at least one helping of fruits or vegetables a day. I am comfortably ahead on that promise.


  1. Always eat dessert first. You might choke on a bone and its important to have life's priorities taken care of when you go.

  2. Many people start a meal with salad. Why ?? What if you have a heart attack or other medical emergency ? It turns out to be your last meal Ever! DO you Really want your last thought to be....I could have had cake ? ( Or banana split)

  3. Nice start to the meal. Congrats to your dad!


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