Tuesday, November 5, 2019

EW! Medicaid for all cost

According to Elizabeth Warren, her Medicaid-for-all plan will "only" cost $52 Trillion over ten years.

Breaking that down by the population of the United States and changing it into a weekly cost, we arrive at her plan costing $315 per week, per person.

=52e+12/10/317e+6/52  Paste it into Excel and check it out.

How many people live under your roof? We have three people and expect to soon have four.

Four times $315 is $1260 per week. My budget cannot withstand a $1260 bludgeoning a week.

Ah, but you say that it will not be us paying that. It will be those rich people and greedy corporations.

Who do you think hires people? If the $1260 is going into taxes, it is not available for wages.

If raised through the credit market, the dollar will soon be used for toilet paper.

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