Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The MSU Surplus Store

Kubota and I swung by the Michigan State University Surplus Store yesterday after his doctor's appointment.

I saw something intriguing.

The paper sign is the reason for this photo. They charge $2.20 a pound for the cases.
The round buckets weigh 40 pounds and are mostly 9mm with a little bit of 40 S&W and .45 ACP a few .223. A pound of 9mm cases is roughly 110 brass cases. The weight of the cases varies by brand and the primers add a bit of weight as well.

In very round numbers, 40 pounds of 9mm brass is about 4400 cases and run about $2 a hundred.

The square buckets weigh about 55 pounds and are mostly .223 with a sprinkling of pistol cartridges. A pound of .223 Rem cases is roughly 70 brass cases. In very round numbers, 55 pounds of .223 Rem brass is about 3800 cases and run about $3 a hundred. All the .223 brass I looked at was F-C.


  1. If you have money to store in inflation resistant commodities.... it becomes a win if you have the room and reloading capacity.

    I have brass for calibers i dont shot anymore, yoou know because of the tragic canoe accident that claimed my guns...

    1. I like the way you think.

      I was thinking of getting into the business of selling bells for Native-American regalia. The local tribes use strings of empty brass for dance bells. My effort to support diversity.

      And at $2.20 a pound, it is not much more than the price of scrap brass.

    2. The price of Brass will NOT go down.
      The value of $ in your savings account will, because Fed printing currency.

      If you break ever some day - that's really a win.

      Processing brass adds value...


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