Saturday, November 2, 2019

Body language

There is a video floating around where some comedy personality named Trevor Noah asks Hillary Clinton how she killed Jeffery Epstein.

I am very interested in what a body-language would say about the exchange. Turn off the sound and then let the person who is good at body-langauge earn their pay.

To me, it looks like Chelsey Clinton is petrified. She does a hair-preen at 6:20, a very nervous move.

It looks like Hillary is anticipating and is projecting a "jovial, bonhomie" personality.

Then Hillary gives a big, Santa "Ho, ho, ho" laugh.

Then Hillary's "lick-rate" spikes starting at 6:21 and 6:29. Liars often involuntarily lick the corners of their mouths while telling a whopper. Hillary doesn't quite lick the corners of her lips but she does obvious lip-wetting with quick thrusts of her tongue.

Hillary's make-up and the studio lighting were interesting. The lipstick on her lower lip was full in the middle and very tapered on the ends (more than her natural lip shape) to make it look like she was smiling.

The studio lighting was vertical and left Hillary's turkey-neck in the shadows. It also emphasized her dimples and added to the "jolly" image. It was the lighting of a studio that wants to flatter their guest.


  1. I cannot find a version of that interview that goes that long.

  2. My apologies. Here is a shorter version

    with Chelsey doing the hair preen at 8 seconds and Hillary doing the "lubricate those lying lips" thing at approximately 10 and 18 seconds.

  3. I've thought it interesting in how little eye contact Ms Clinton makes at times. She looks down, left and right, closes her eyes and then pops those things open and scares the interviewer and then it is eyes back down. I don't know if she is reading her notes or simply can't make eye contact.

    As for Chelsea, she is probably just horrified that her Mom and Dad have put out a number of hits and it mortifies her that she may have to do the same in the future if she wants to run the Clinton Empire successfully.


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