Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Random thoughts

How long before Tauras offers .350 Legend in The Judge?

After eating large amounts of winter squash over the past few weeks, I can verify that I now have X-Ray vision.

After sharing this information with Mrs ERJ, she suggested that I could increase my super powers by eating more hot chilies.

She also implied that the beams of molten lava would not come out of my eyes but would come out of an orifice somewhat lower on my body.


  1. Maybe a .450 bushmaster but there is no shotshell to parallel the .350. Some one might make an outright pistol out of it. I met a guy who was fooling around with a .444 marlin in a pistol. By the way my 265 gr .44mag in a rifle is nominally 1700 fps. I don't have a cronograph.

  2. Yeah, not much of a market. But I was thinking that it might be of interest to silhouette shooters. The extra beef of chambering the smaller diameter .350 means there is more steel to support the higher pressures.

    Personally, I didn't see a market for the .45/.410 The Judge but I guess they are selling fairly well. I don't know how big of a market needs to be out there to justify the tooling.

    Fella wanted to bad enough, he could sleeve the .45 chambers and screw in a long .357 barrel to make his own.

  3. Can't get past the idea of wanting to throw lead shot down a precision rifled barrel meant for standard rounds....I asked a gun shop owner about 'The Judge' when it first came out, doubting my first impressions, and he just snorted. Have a long-barrelled Taurus .357 revolver (7 shot) that I carried hunting with me for years and really like.

    1. Yeah, I went down that road.

      I replicated Junior Dougherty's experiment ( with a .357 Mag. By the time I was close enough to have a pattern sufficient for chipmunks and snakes I could easily put a 158gr hollowpoint or cast bullet into the target.

      It was an entertaining experiment but the twist of the rifling caused the pellets to disperse like Antifa wannabes hit with a water-cannon.

      Absolutely nothing wrong with a .357 Mag or 45 Colt (or anything in between) loaded with mid-range loads. Plenty to get the attention of anything weighing less than 300 pounds or to "put-down" animals hit by vehicles up to 2000 pounds.

  4. Mrs ERJ is very correct about the tiny pumpkins. Chow down with care and a lack of celerity.....
    BTDT. But I also tend to make and each chili that should have it's own hazmat classification.


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