Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween Report, 2019

My nephew Mack has a two-year old daughter. His wife Brooke wanted to trick-or-treat in mom and dad's neighborhood because the houses are close together and the neighborhood is gentrified.

Mack and Brooke live out by Sunfield and it is a quarter-mile between houses.

Brooke told Mack that they could not simply sponge off the rich, city folks. Brooke insisted that Mack stay with mom and dad and hand out treats while she took their child around the neighborhood.

Mack had some experience regarding the kinds of treats the gentle city folks handed out: Apple slices in pre-sealed bags, granola bars, sugar and gluten free candy bars and the like.  Mack knew that with competition like that, it would not be difficult to hand out the coolest treats in the neighborhood.

The weather was atrocious. There were hardly any trick-or-treaters. Consequently, every little monster who showed up at mom-and-dad's door got three 5-hour energy drinks and five, king-sized Butterfinger candy bars. The parents were offered a cold Natty Daddy.

I am sure the night was memorable for the children and the parents. That is just how us red-necks roll.

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  1. Next year, we're giving airline bottles to the parents... Found out AFTER Halloween that the local liquor store had a sale on minis...


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