Sunday, November 3, 2019

Smoke detectors

I have two smoke detectors chirping in the basement.

I changed the batteries in all the smoke detectors that I know about.

I still have two smoke detectors chirping. Probably in a tub with a bunch of other items.

The chirping will become more frequent and I will find them, if Mrs ERJ does not strangle me first. The other possibility is that the batteries will eventually die.

It is a good life when my biggest problem is a couple of "extra" smoke detectors that want attention.


  1. Had the same thing in my container. No wife problem. It takes a long time for the chirping to die.

  2. I went the opposite way last week. Son woke me up after Midnight cause his was chirping. Somehow I remembered where that lil 9 volt battery was. Cause no one was sleeping until fixed. Was waking up dogs as well . I need to get on it now cause that was last battery of that type.


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