Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Jury Duty and a random thought

It is my perception that crime is relatively low in Eaton County. I base that on the fact that I received my first notice that I have been selected for potential jury duty.

When I lived in Ingham County (home of Lansing, Michigan) I got selected about once every five years.

According to the internet, only 2% or 3% of criminal charges go to trial. The rest are settled via plea-bargains. It is almost always in both party's best interests to "settle". The presumed perpetrator benefits by the reduction in uncertainty and the possibility of potentially copping a plea to a misdemeanor rather than being convicted of a felony. The court benefits by avoiding expense and the potential of failing-to-convict which would dilute the deterrent to those contemplating committing crimes in the future.

If you follow that line of reasoning, then one naturally segues to a prominent political figure that seems to be lurching from one jury trial to the next.

With that particular political figure all tangled up, there is much less pressure on "the other guy" to campaign in public. And maybe that was the strategic goal of the (clearly) politically motivated legal warfare being waged: To legitimize a repeat of "the other guy" campaigning from his basement.

And then there is the spoiler, RFK. He might be the unicorn-horn that sucks the energy out of that strategy. "The other guy" might still have to campaign and speak extemporaneously because of him. Interesting times.

And in other news...

An advanced degree from Michigan State University qualifies woman for a job picking lemons in Florida!

Let's Go Spartans!!!


  1. They will have to either kill Trump or let him go. If they 'Epstein' him... I can see things going seriously kinetic.

  2. The Left is doing everything they can to stop Trump. If pi$$ing on the spark plugs would help, they'd do it in a heartbeat.

    If they worked as hard on fixing America as they do fighting Trump, they would have an easier time convincing America they are on their side. And I agree with Mr. Filthie above - an assassination would cause major chaos. Then again - maybe that is what they are after. Stopping an election from occurring, delaying until things 'Calm Down'.

  3. I stridently disagree with conflating 'best interest' with avoid court costs. Best interest should apply only to the people, never an agency of government. Court costs, or the avoidance thereof, should not ever enter into consideration of a criminal trial. Indeed, it is by such that we find ourselves in this current malaise.

  4. In my 40+ years as an adult, I've received 1 jury notice, and got another notice a few days later informing me that the guy who was going on trial had accepted a plea deal.

    It's nice to live in a region where the biggest criminals are the hooligans who TP houses and the occasional scofflaws who don't return library books on time.


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