Saturday, April 20, 2024

Back on-line


Glad that Blogger resolved the issue that was buggering up my ability to post.

I am sure that the recent upgrades to FISA and funding for the NSA had nothing to do with the interruption in service.

Chelidonium majus

Celandine is an invasive, non-native species that is resistant to being browsed by deer. Consequently, it does well here. I went on a search-and-destroy mission today and will resume S-a-D tomorrow. It is better to whack them before they set seeds. I started using a commercial wetting agent and it is the cat's-meow for plants that have hard-to-wet leaves like celandine.

These leaves form a distinctive rosette and really stand out on the floor of the forest in the early spring.

I also cut some brush around the place and sprayed the stumps with herbicide. I probably went a little bit light and over-diluted.

On Friday, I went out to the property I am managing and sprayed Multiflora Rose with glyphosate. The best time to spray them is just before or after they flower so I am a bit early. If need be, I can spray them again.

Morel Mushrooms

The black morels are still popping up beneath one particular apple tree. The tree was planted in 1994 and is Liberty grafted on top of either MARK or M-26.

Southern Belle put them on top of pizza. Yeah, heresy. I expect to have another bag of them picked by Monday.


Bayou Renaissance Man has a post of an interview of a survivor of the Bosnian Civil War. Sobering stuff.

I splurged

I splurged and bought a new mouse for my lap-top. The USB port was not reliably "seeing" the old mouse.

Weather shift

We are back to seasonable temperatures with highs in the mid-40s.

It feels much colder after our warm spells.

A bunch of our family are dragging anatomy. I feel like I am running about 65%. The fact that I have poison ivy dermatitis on the insides of my forearms is not making me happy, either.

And this too will pass.


  1. Any idea how you got poison ivy this early in the season? I don't usually worry too much until it leafs out, but if you've been cutting brush that might have done it.

    1. Probably from pulling vines out of fruit trees.

  2. Dragging anatomy.
    My wife had been insisting on my taking extended melatonin at night. Someone at work commented that that could make you tired during the day. Glad I overheard that. It seems it does. But no more.

  3. I found that if I scrubbed the poison ivy open with a rag and very hot water then immediately applied Vicks vapor rub it would be done by the next day.
    Takes the itch right out of it, then dries it up.

  4. Calamine Lotion dries it too. Wash with Dawn before applying. There are oils that cause the hystamine reaction. Roger

  5. Growing up, my material grandmother would always use a paste of baking soda for treatment of poison oak (in this case). I was too young to actually recognize how effective it might have been.

    Regarding Yugoslavia, it is probably the closest thing we have in a post WW II in Western Civilization style country. So there are definitely lessons to be had. I did red BRM's excerpt. Sobering.

  6. A warning about your mouse. If the wear is on the laptop port the replacement mouse may not work long either. I had a phone where I started having to replace charging cables, which kept wearing out faster and faster. Eventually it was pointed out to me that it was the port in the phone that had worn out, not the charging cables. It was cheaper to replace the phone than to have the port in the phone replaced.


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