Tuesday, April 23, 2024

"But they will cancel Sesame Street!!!"

The Progressives are (predictably) running around with their hair on fire. Conservatives want to cancel funding that subsidizes "public broadcasting". Public funding of leftist, "public" broadcasting is one of the Left's sacred cows.

Their go-to is to scream "But they will cancel Sesame Street!!!" the beloved child-oriented show that airs on PBS.

So what?

Looking at it rationally, there are 5435 Sesame Street episodes "in the can". Have any more letters been invented or are we still sitting at 26 letters, just like when Sesame Street debuted.

Have the phonemes associated with those letters changed in the last 100 years?

Have any more integers been inserted between Zero and Twenty? Does 2 + 2 still yield 4?

Are Red, Yellow and Blue still considered "primary colors" and Orange, Green and Purple still considered "secondary colors" that can be produced by mixing Red+Yellow, Yellow+Blue and Blue+Red respectively?

Has the advice on washing hands changed in the last five decades?

So, being totally rational here, if Sesame Street has not been able to create footage that effectively presented these concepts in the first 5435 attempts, we should pull the plug because we are throwing money away. They are not going to suddenly become effective in attempts 5436-through-6000. If they didn't get it done in the first 5435 swings at the pinata, why should we pay the circus barker for any more swings?

If they HAVE created ample amounts of footage presenting those concepts, then there is no need to continue recreating the wheel and we should pull the plug because we are throwing our money away.


  1. I'm sure the Sesame Workshop has made enough money over the decades, and will make pure profit with licensing fees going forward if they cease production.

    Non-profit? Right, pull the other one. Who collects the billions in licensing fees for the Fisher-Price toys using their images?

  2. If "We" cancel Sesame St, "They" won't be able to insert their LGBTQRS... "alphabet" into the minds of malleable young childrens' minds...

    1. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!
      With the leftist, any attempt to restrict their control, is an affront to human rights!
      They've always been drama queens. These are the adults that as children got their way with temper tantrums.

  3. I agree with Peteforester, they want our money to make Sesame Street episodes with lots of DEI and Social Justice in them.

  4. Sesame Street was more or less explicitly developed as a way to normalize pathological urban phenomena (there are interviews with (((the producers))) available online). Bert and Ernie, the male couple. Oscar, a bum, who lives in a trash can on the street. Schizo Big Bird, who has a friend nobody else can see. Cookie Monster, a portrait of addiction so complete he can’t remember his own name anymore. Not to mention The Diversity, hours and hours of non-threatening heterogenous Diversity. All sweetened with saccharine and served up to an oblivious public. Sesame Street should’ve been killed with fire decades ago.

  5. If such things truly have value, they will be funded by those that see that value. Are the people that are so complaining willing to pony up the additional money to fund it? Likely not; easier to complain how someone else is not paying for it.

  6. Over 20 years ago I made donations to several organizations one being homeless center. Then I had some dealings with them and discovered how much the directors were paid. They didn't need my money, then I started looking at other donations I made. PBS/NPR were making billions in royalties, they didn't need my money either!


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