Monday, April 19, 2021

The day in pictures


This storm is HUGE, stretching from Salt Lake City, Utah to Toronto, Canada and then north to Edmonton and James Bay.

No significant precipitation is predicted (down from 2.7 inches of rain) but low temperatures will play hob with fruit set.

Currently in full bloom are American Plums, Black Plums, Japanese Plums, Asian Pears, Amelanchier and Black Currants. Out of that list, only the Black Currants are likely to be unphased by the weather.


The potato patch before being tilled. The tiller is tipped back because I had to get a hammer to knock a rock out of the tines.

After. Yes, Virginia, I ran out of gas. I am on my glide-path to plant the seed potatoes May 1.

Miscellaneous pictures

A nursery container filled with Kerr applecrab seedlings. Probable pollen parent is G-935 rootstock.

What is Thor's hammer made of? Thorium, of course. Thorium runs about $100 a pound and this hammer would cost $600. Pretty expensive joke. Mortician's hammers are much cheaper. Barium is only a buck a pound.

There I was, minding my own business when I heard the electric fence shorting.

Sometimes the difference between those who survive and those who do not is simple, dumb luck. This tree frog decided that climbing this fence post was a good idea. He was wrong.

Spending much time in old, legacy cities over the next couple of weeks might be the equivalent of this frog climbing the fence post.

Stay away from crowds. Be somewhere else.


  1. Stay away from crowds. Be somewhere else.


  2. Yep, otherwise barium might come into play...

  3. Mr.Joe, what is the foot-long piece of twine on the insulator for?

    1. The insulator is grooved but the groove is not aggressive enough to hold the wire in place when a cow pushes on it.

      The twine is wrapped around it to hold the wire in place.


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