Friday, April 23, 2021

Fake News Friday: Whitmer determines that sex spreads Covid

Governor Whitmer determined that sexual congress spreads Covid and signed an Executive Order outlawing sex between human beings.

When asked to explain the "science" behind her stunning finding, the Governor pointed out that Sexually Transmitted Diseases have gone up significantly since March, 2020. Additionally, since everybody has been socially distancing and wearing masks, it MUST be sex that is spreading it.

And Just-Like-That, senior citizens are fighting to get into the nursing homes that experienced the highest fatality rates. Who knew?


  1. I've thought it weird that my brother got the crud, but his wife did not. They are not a distant couple.

  2. As for Whitmer:

    1. For those who don't watch the video: The plunger was depressed much faster than a typical Intramuscular injection and then, when the syringe-body is pulled away from the skin it skips downward in a way that is HIGHLY inconsistent with 19mm of hypodermic needle sticking into flesh.


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